It's May!!

The sun is out, and it's finally starting to feel like summer! With summer just around the corner, the city's event calendar is filling up fast! One of my favourite festivals to look forward to in the city every year is.... Pride Festival!! This year will be featuring Vancouver's local band Mandrake, whose new single, "Pot of Gold"- feat. Buzy B as the official song of Pride. Their album will be released in July, so keep a look out!

Album artwork by animator "Ninja Jamal"

Check it out! Find their newly released single "Pot of Gold" feat. Buzy B on itunes or on amazon.ca

Get ready to dance!
Anita, xo


Let it Pour

Back in my first year of University I came across this Vancouver artist Ben Reeves, and fell in love! I did a review of his work for my critical thinking in the visual arts class, and have continued to follow his works. Photographs of his work don't do it justice. His use of thick globs of white oil paint create a beautiful three dimensional texture and depth, that capture the environmental essences of a true Vancouver.
Check out his work at Equinox Gallery

Anita, xo


Artful Thought

Erin Jang is a graphic designer and illustrator in New York City creating fun, and delicious designs that put a smile on your face.

Food Valentines @ The Indigo Bunting