Back to Reality (thumbs down)

Getting back in to the swing of things after having a fabulous weekend in Whistler with the girls has been painful... there's nothing better then a little R&R, fresh air, and dancing it up at Garfinkel's!

Kat & I rocking our Charlie Jade dresses!!! (Nita on the left, Kat on the right)

Every Bachelor party we encountered with branded with... "From Vancouver with Love, xo Kat, B & Nita!"

Kat, B, & Nita, xo


From Whistler with love, xo

Needed a break from the city, so we decided to take off for a girls weekend in Whistler!

Today was all about "us time" ... Morning hike, great workout, sauna, and pool side girl talk...

And we can't forget blogging at Starbucks of course!!

P.S. Girl's night tonight... STAY TUNED!

Kat, B, & Nita, xo

Mesmerizing Images from Tarun Khiwal

One of India's most talented fashion photographers. I love how his use of palaces, and industrial settings emphasize the beauty of the garments, giving his photographs a magical feel.

Tarun Khiwal Website: Tarun Khiwal

Kat, B, & Nita, xo


A Touch of Jade

Love: Charlie Jade dresses from designer Angie Gabriel. Her use of bright colours, light flowy fabrics, and the perfect silhouette will make any girl feel like a million dollars.

Angie believes in beauty and quality, fantasy and surprise:
"She will enchant you. Have a laugh with you and never let you down"
....and what girl doesn't want that?

Find Charlie here: Charlie Jade Brand

Kat, B, & Nita, xo


Happy Birthday Audrey.

Audrey Hepburn...
Film and fashion icon. Classic, timeless, legendary.
Thank you for gracing us with your beauty and elegance

Happy Birthday!

P.S. Ladies, don't forget to wear your little black dress and string of pearls. See you at Tiffany's.

Kat, B & Nita, xo


"Spring is nature's way of saying... Let's Party!!"

I <3 cherry blossoms!! It's like someone blew cotton candy all over the trees! Took a much needed walk up Burnaby Mountain... so beautiful!

Enjoy the sunshine!!

Kat, B & Nita, xo


A Day At Starbucks....

the launch of from Vancouver with love, xo

Hello All,
 Kat, B, and Nita sitting in Starbucks on West Georgia, talking about fashion, boys and everything else in between!! More posts to come!!

Kat, B, and Nita xo