Wednesday I'm Wearing....

"Let's go sit on the steps of the MET, I mean VAG."

The last few weeks leading up to the Canadian National Trampoline Championships I've been horrible at keeping up with my regular blog posting... {thank goodness for Kat and Jer!} But... now that Nationals are over and I have {a little} bit of down time before training kicks up again, I'm back!

Kat and I caught up for lunch at Cafe Medina for a milk chocolate lavender mocha, and a salted caramel Belgium waffle {ok... maybe not lunch but a snack}, but it's a MUST TRY! Cafe Medina is awesome! After, we went and satisfied our "inner New York" love for the MET, and relaxed on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery with a Jugo Juice. These steps are quickly becoming our favourite hang out.

Photo Credit to Kat.. you're the best!

//sneakers from converse//skirt from zara//tank top from club monaco//leather jacket from zara//belt from h&m//bag from prada//earrings from aldo//watches from michael kors, & bulova//bracelets from marc jacobs//

Go check out the amazing collection of Matisse, and modern painters on this summer at the VAG!

Anita, xo


Queens of Neon

Get it? Like Kings of Leon?
I'm trying, I really am, my brain is mush with two weeks left of school :)

I am sooooo excited for June 14th which marks my last exam of summer and two weeks of R&R!
I'm heading to Penticton with T for one weekend, then headed to V-E-G-A-S the following weekend!

Hoping the weather's going to be amazing so I can get my ne-ON {ha ha!}

kat, xo.

Men's Monday

Shopping Etiquette

This isn't so much a Men's Monday post as it's directed towards both fashionistas and fashionistos.
This is a rant. This might get wordy. Brace yourself.

I've been a sales associate for 5 years now (so I know what I'm talking about) and I love my job, I love being surrounded by clothes, and I love the people I work with...BUT (and yes, there's a but)...working in a field that is heavily dependent on customer service has it's many ups and downs and NO, I am NOT a believer in "the customer is ALWAYS right" rule because quite frankly, it's just not always the case.

With that being said, I'm a pretty easy going guy and it takes a lot to make me upset but something about retail some days can make me turn into a real life Regina George, in other words, a b*tch. Here are some prime examples of what I mean...

Top 10 things that really really REALLY grind my gears:

1. Shoppers who reach into the middle of a pile and yank out their size thus destroying the ENTIRE pile in mere seconds. You wouldn't believe how fast 1 person can ruin a perfectly folded shelf with this one technique.
Um, what did I ever do to you?

2. Shoppers who take PILES of clothes into a fitting room and leave with the room looking like hurricane Debbie went through it. It wouldn't hurt you to put a shirt back on a hanger or button up a shirt after you've tried it on but if that's too much to ask, another great and helpful idea is to give the clothes you don't want back to whoever is working in the fits area as you try your clothes on. This is especially helpful on those SUPER busy days. Dropping off or leaving one gigantic pile all at once is an act of pure evil in the retail industry.
Have a heart, help the poor little guy out.
In case you weren't sure, I was referring to myself when I said "the little guy."

3. Shoppers who take their sweet time when trying on clothes when there is a GIGANTIC line waiting for rooms; especially when they're only trying on 2 items. Honey, that purple polyester cardigan with ruffles isn't going to look any different on you the 6th time you show your friend compared to the 1st time.

4. Shoppers who ask for EXTRA discounts. What makes you any more special than the next person? Are you the Queen of Narnia? If not, no, you cannot have an additional 10% off just because you exist.

5. Shoppers who take items and put them in an entirely different part of the store or even worse, HIDE items behind a folded pilea of shirts as if they were never there in the first place.
Really? Really?
What are you? 4?

6. Shoppers who bring SHOPPING CARTS into the store. Does this look like a Superstore, a Walmart, a Home Depot, a Safeway, a Reno, a Costco, or a Save-ON to you? Didn't think so.
As if our store wasn't small enough, you came up with the bright idea to lug that gigantic metal basket on wheels in here. Thank you for that.
7. 2 words = SCREAMING children.
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore children. But our store isn't a playground or a daycare folks, control yo kids.

8. Shoppers who make themselves at home and walk into a fitting room WITHOUT notifying anyone. Would you walk behind the counter at a bar and help yourself to a cup?
I need to count your items and I need to know you're in the room. Oherwise I'm just going to assume that you wanted me to walk in on you while you were changing and I'm going to proceed to think you are one creepy weirdo and perhaps a little perverted. 

9. Shoppers with SHORT memory spans...
When you ask me for a size when I'm stationed in fits or approach the cash register to buy your items and I ask you "Who helped you?" These following answers don't help me:
"A girl."
"A Chinese boy with black hair."
"Somebody but I don't remember."
"That one" while pointing in some random direction towards the front of the store at nobody.

10. Shoppers who don't know their own SIZE. I know that  discrepancies between stores  exist and their sizes  may not fit like ours but saying "I don't know" to "What size are you?" is kind of ridiculous. You've got to have some idea; even a range helps!
You can't tell me you're in your mid to late twenties or early thirties and this is the first time you've shopped for yourself. 

I could go on but this post is already too long and we'd be here forever.
These are just some of the things that really push me towards the edge at work and if you are an offender of any of the acts mentioned above;  please STOP IT. 
Sure, we get paid to do what we do but that doesn't mean you should abuse your power. It's a little different in the food industry because at least they get paid to be nice in the form of tips whereas in the retail industry, that isn't always the case because not every store offers commission.
Having worked in retail for so long I no longer have the heart to walk into a store and not re-fold a shirt (or at least attempt to) after I've unfolded it or clean up after myself after trying on clothes in their fitting rooms. Please do the same; it's the nice thing to do.
Sorry for the attitude and for the serious post this week but after working as much as I did this weekend and being constantly subjected repeatedly to a slew of the crimes I just presented, I had to get this off my chest.

No #MusicMonday this week but instead, here's a quite humorous video to offset the seriousness of this week's post:


Jer xo


Weekend Love

My weekend starts today! {its okay to be a little jelly}

I cannot wait to...
- have dinners, drinks, and play catch up with friends visiting from out of town
- get all dolled up! 
- spend the weekend by the pool
- oh and I guess trek up a mountain and get my butt kicked by T {grouse grind attempt #2 of summer 2012, be good to me}

Here's what else I love for this weekend...

this.  {anyone know where I can find it???}


{and anything in these colours, yes please}


On another note, good luck this weekend to Anita at Nationals!

Have an impossibly beautiful weekend.
kat, xo.


The view from here

Hello strangers.
Excuse my absence from the bloggie, late nights and early mornings are starting to catch up with me. 

..... Not to mention that intersession classes end in less than a month soooooo I'm drowning under readings, papers, and midterms...
..... Not to mention that the weather has been stellar as of late {minus a day or two} so I've been spending my time enjoying the sunshine with friends...
.... Not to mention that I've been experiencing somewhat of an early quarter-life crisis so wheels have been turning and I'm amidst some personally significant changes in my life...
.... Not to mention I'm heading away to Vegas at the end of June so I need to get myself beach-bod ready...

Good thing I'm a pro at time management {lie} and balancing my personal, school, and career life {lie}.

Don't you worry about me, I'll get to it....

A little dramatic, but you know what I mean...

Happy days!
kat, xo.


Men's Monday

My sincerest apologies for the lack of posting last week. Work, school & the 1st week of Summer semester which includes the terrors joys of my first intersession course got the best of me.
Btw, I accidentally referred to my intersession course as my intercourse the other day during a discussion. #Embarassing.
Let's move on shall we?

Roll em' Up

We've had glimpses of Summer weather these past few weeks in Vancouver & I've been taking full advantage of the glory that we call the SUN in shorts & my newest fashion obsession, rolled up pant cuffs!
So simple it's almost too good to be true! I feel like there should be some kind of informercial about it...

"Why spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a new wardrobe when you can reach into the closet and grab those pants you've been wearing ALL Winter ?!
All you have to do is ROLL EM' UP and show those sexy ankles of yours!
Only 3 Easy payments of NOTHING!!!...plus shipping and handling...


If it's sunny outside...do yourself a favor, get outside &

I'd like to thank Stars On Ice for this week's recommendation. If you were fortunate enough to catch the tour this year this song is from my favorite piece, the one with the lamps. 
Absolutely stunning concept and beautiful choreography by Kurt Browning. Agree?

"And you say, be still my love
Open up your heart Let the light shine in...
I'm waiting for my real life to begin"
                                     -Colin Hayes

Jer xo


Weekend Love

My weekend will consist of...

sunnies and coffee dates

carefree beach runs

rendez-vous-ing with my girls on the steps

piggybacks from him


this song.
the district sleeps alone tonight//birdy

... my weekend will consist of...
... divine things more beautiful than words can tell.

Have an impossibly divine weekend.
kat, xo.


pour maman, avec amour

Mother's Day is just around the corner!

There are no gifts in the world that could ever repay my mumsie for everything she's done for my siblings and I. Everything from the countless early morning practices to and from the ice rinks, spending hours sequining my skating dresses, not to mention all the cooking, cleaning, and most importantly all the support, love, and putting up with my punk ass.

merci beaucoup maman, je t'adore...
kat, xo.


Sun, Sand & Pastels

It's gorgeous days like this that remind me why I love Vancouver so much. Don't get me wrong... I love this City even on the most gloomy, depressing, wet days of the year. But you have to agree the City takes on a completely different feeling on sunny, warm days. It comes alive with energy, people are in fantastic moods, everything seems so colourful and fresh, it's like it never rained.

On a recently little day "adventure" out with my mom, we found this secluded little beach. We've been back twice now, and every time we go there's no one there, even on an amazing day like this. So I'm taking claim of it (wahahaha)... and if you're nice maybe I'll share..... maybe...

I can't wait to spend my Sunday's star fishing on the diftwood, and flipping rocks picking up little crabs. 

Summer we've been waiting for you!

//sneakers from converse //pants from aritiza//tank top from club monaco//blazer from something else//watch vintage//bracelet vintage//ring from forever 21//earrings from aldo//sunnies vintage raybans

My Beach <3

Get out and explore, you may be surprised by what you discover!

Anita, xo


Men's Monday


Gay, straight, bi, thai....admit it, we ALL have a man crushes.
It's completely normal to see someone walking down the street or in the media and to think 'Man, that guy is toned' or 'Man, that guy's hair is slick' or even 'Man, that guy is rocking that purse...' Ok maybe not the latter thought but you get the drift.
Jealousy, although ugly, is a normal thing.
So who in the industry am I currently man crushin' on?

River Viiperi

Currently one the most sought after male models in the industry,
River has modeled for American Eagle, Nike, H&M's Versace line and most recently, Armani Exchange.
He's walked numerous runways as well as appeared in and graced the covers of many fashion magazines.
It really shouldn't come as a big surprise when I admit that yea, I'm just a little jealous.

Sometimes, life just isn't fair.

I can't believe it's already MAY!!! 
It was such a beautiful day today and it reminded my that...
I couldn't have found a more appropriate song!

"The Summer is coming!
We all should stand clear of the heat and high water.
You don't see -but you hear."

                                                              -Matt Pond PA

Jer, xo