Weekend Love

Could not be happier that its Friday!
A little reminder to myself...

Rolling with the waves...

Kat, xo


Refreshingly Girly

The recent spring/summer ad's Longchamp Paris featuring Coco Rocha "Oh! my..." are absolutely refreshing. The two short films "Oh! my bag" and "Oh! my dog" features Coco Rocha as an "everyday" New York girl full of vim and vigor loving life and of course her Longchamp handbag! Le film {Oh! my bag} is super girly and feminine, and what I love most is the simplicity. Three girls dancing through the streets flashing around their bags... priceless! Its original and not over the top in your face. 

Aside from the film making me want the hobo bag {which is funny because it isn't even in the film}, it makes me want to move to New York and skip in the streets!  

"Oh! my bag!"

fabulous...or what?!

"Oh! my dog!"

Who's moving to New York with me...?

Anita, xo


Men's Monday

This dress took my breath away!
Due to my jam packed schedule (work, work, work & preparing for my own fashion show...details to come), I was only able to catch glimpses of  
Vancouver Fashion week 
 but what I was able to see did not disappoint!
Thanks to two amazing girls, our very own Kat and Nita who were in the thick of things as vFW interns all week (you'll hear more from their P.O.V. soon), I was able to check out the scene from the VIP section. No big deal...

 Theresa Rosati being interviewed 
with her designs on display

       Eva Chen's 2012 Fall/Winter collection

For me, personal favorites included the Vawk & Vawkkin collections by Sunny Fong of Project Runway Canada, Teresa Rosati's gorgeous formal wear for women (I almost died when that first dress came out), and Eva Chen Fall/Winter wear which showcased the "Elegance" of reds and creams and everything in between!

Above:The chaos of mingling & trading contacts
 ensues during a brief intermission 
Below: Models in the media zone

"This is just a reminder
To tell you that I still care...
To tell you that I believe"

                                                            -Craig David

Jer xo


We'll Be Right Back

We've all been a little busy with Vancouver Fashion Week fall/winter 2012.
It's been a great week so far; we've met a lot of great people and we're stoked to see the rest of the shows! 

Saturday might just be the highlight for me - 
I cannot wait to see VAWK and VAWWKIN by Sunny Fong.
Oh yeah, you remember him, one of my favourites from Project Runway Canada.

We'll see you there!

Kat, xo.


Accessory Ladders

In the mist of a basement renovation I'm starting to think about home decor elements, and right now I'm in love with the ladder's...

//images via a pair & a spare//

Happy Tuesday!

Anita, xo


Men's Monday

Geek Chic

In honour of getting SO much NO homework done this weekend due to work, work, and you guessed it, more work; I decided to do a little soul searching and inspire myself with this week's post to finally address the "dust" that has begun accumulating on my desk...and by dust I mean textbooks, lecture notes, and various other projects that I've been neglecting the last couple of weeks....oops.

It's time to put my thinking glasses on...

Source: Adam G. @ lookbook.nu


River Viiperi: Fashion's current "it" male model. I see him everywhere!

 Not only does he look charming,
but he also looks like he could recite all of the digits of π by heart.


"It takes an ocean not to break."
-The National

I'm pretty sure I found this week's pick from an episode of Grey's Anatomy. I always feel my smartest when watching that show. Can you say "Pericardiogram" or "Plantar fasciitis?"... I can!

Jer xo



Being the artsy type, it should be no surprise that I have a fascination with tattoos.
A permanent expression of art and who you are to carry around with you always.
Not to mention, the added bonus of feeling a little rebellious and bad*ss doesn't hurt either.
I think my obsession love for tattoos is getting a little out of hand; but as long as there's meaning & heart behind each one (like everything in life), there is no wrong to be done. Besides...
You Only Live Once, right?

"They don't love you like I love you"
-The Fray

Jer xo


Spring showers

Anita, Care and I braved the radical weather today and trekked all over Yaletown and West 4th {with coffee stops of course!} for an adventure that will be taking over our lives for the next two weeks...

Anyway looks like we should expect one or two more months of spring showers, radical weather {snow, windstorms?! really?!} - so get out those spring trenches {and don't forget your brellies!}

Looking forward to May flowers.

Kat, xo.