Men's Monday

Out N About
Ever have that moment when you're sitting in a beautiful restaurant or cafe and you're wondering to yourself 'Why have I never been here before?!' and then the food comes and it just seals the deal?

I had one of those moments this morning when an old friend from high school took me to Cafe Medina.
After the first bite, it was like a light bulb went off in my head followed by instant gratification. 

You know what they say, starting off a fresh week with good food brings lots of wholesome goodness for the rest of the week...(OK, you caught me...I totally just made that up).

My White Chocolate Pistachio Rosewater Mocha 
(yes, it was just as delicious as it sounds)
and her Matcha Latte.

 I ordered the Fricass√© which consisted of...
2 fried eggs, braised short ribs, roasted potatoes, caramelized onions, arugula, 
applewood cheddar and a grilled foccacia on the side.

We finished the meal with freshly made sugar powdered waffles 
accompanied by a trio of dipping sauces...
Dark Chocolate / White Chocolate Pistachio Rosewater / Raspberry Caramel


  Usually I try to stray away from posting songs currently playing on the radio but I 
Maroon 5's new single "Payphone" and came across this wonderful cover by 
Tyler Ward & Katy McAllister.  
Check it out!

Jer xo


Weekend Love

obviously still going through Coldplay withdrawals...

Have an impossibly beautiful weekend.

Kat, xo.


Blacks on blacks on blacks (and white)

Alright so the title... yes, trying to incorporate a little Jay Z into the blog every so often.
You know, blacks on blacks on blacks... maybachs on bachs...? No? ok.

What I'm trying to say is I'm obsessed to the MAX with black and white.
Clean. Sophisticated. Edgy. Bold. LOVE. LOVE. LoooOoove.

Ever since Anita and I tried on a gorggg white blazer from Armani Exchange, its all I've been seeing!
A MUST HAVE. Especially for someone like me who is so accustomed to wearing blacks, it definitely pops!
even just a peek.

I've just gotta have it.

*note if you did not understand any of what I was saying:
1. listen to this song
2. brush up on your Jigga and Yeezy.

{I'm secretly hardcore}
Kat, xo.


Men's Monday


MISSION STATEMENT: "The NOH8 Campaign is a charitable organization whose mission is to promote marriage, gender and human equality through education, advocacy, social media, and visual protest."

They're finally coming! The photographic silent (yet LOUD) campaign that started in 2008 as a form of protest against prop 8 will be arriving in Vancouver on May 8th, 2012. Vancouver will be the second Canadian city thus far to welcome the NOH8 campaign into Canada.
It's been on my bucket list to be photographed by celebrity photographer Adam Bouska so I for one cannot wait for the opportunity.

For more information: Click here...NOW!

Many celebritas and celebritos have lent their faces to the campaign including...

Project Runway's
Christian Soriano 
America's Next Top Model 's
Jay Manuel

Miley Cyrus
Emmy Rosum

Jane Lynch,  
Jenna Ushkowitz
Kevin McHale

And of course, Ms. Kathy Griffin herself!

 I really hope to see you guys there #FightingForEquality! <3


"You're the Northern Wind
Sending shivers down my spine
You're like falling leaves
In an autumn night"
-City and Colour

Jer xo


Weekend Love


Going to Coldplay this weekend with Bianca, Anita and the boys. I could not be more excited! 
Oh, did I mention? City and Colour is opening for them on Saturday.
Probably going to be the best concert. Ever

You may not know this but Yellow is my all time, number one favourite song in the world!
{I may cry when they perform this.....!}

Have a great weekend.
Viva La Vida!!

Kat, xo


Wednesday I'm Wearing.

"Give me a break.."
I find that in the crazy, stressful chaos of writing exams it best to take coffee/lunch breaks with a bestie. In my case, Kat and I had a meeting at Vancouver Fashion Week to discuss September's show, and then strolled out with the intention of studying at our favourite study spot (Commune Cafe) ..... but that didn't happen obviously (because we can't stop talking). 
Oh well, we did have the fantastic pesto, mushroom, goat cheese flatbread which is to die for. If you haven't checked out Commune Cafe, you should get on that.

//wedges & earrings from aldo//demin from banana republic//scarf (gifted) from oak and fort//blouse from oak and fort//jacket from vera moda//bag from joe fresh//watch from michael kors//bracelet from marc jacobs//glasses from gucci//nail polish from essie// 

Happy Wednesday.

Anita, xo


Magenta Bike Love

This past friday my sister and I set out to find the magenta bike contest hosted by Holt Renfrew... and we did! Clues {which were sent out at 12:00 noon via Twitter} read "An art centre in the City where the name makes you think of weather." We were stuck.... where in the City does art and weather relate?? Until ahhhhaaaa! ARTS UMBRELLA on Granville Island popped into my sister's head!
So off we went to Granville Island
And there it was sitting quietly in a bike rack.

Picked up our gift tote full of goodies {+ plus some}

The loot!

//Holt Renfrew tote bag//kate spade sunnies//eric javits hat//chloe, marc jacobs, valentino, and balenciaga fragrances//

Thanks Holt Renfrew xoxo

Anita, xo


Men's Monday

If you're like me & you're in the middle of finals, you must be stressing out just as bad as I am...yet here I am writing a blog post at 2:50 in the AM. #PoorLifeChoice #IHateStatistics

Lets cut to the chase.
Varsity Jackets....Just like in the movies, girlfriends love it when they wrap themselves in their boyfriend's oversized varsity jacket.
So what am I saying? Well if A can somehow = B and 21 is the amount of weight I'm going to gain by the end of this semester...
GET A VARSITY JACKET! Not only are they masculine and super stylin', but they make a great spring/summer jacket to pair with your favorite shorts.

David's like "Well, what are you waiting for?"

And for your entertainment:
What I think I look like studying for my finals: 

  What I actually look like: 

"Feel the melody and the rhythm of the music
Around you"
-(Cover)Corey Gray & Max Schneider
Can't wait til I'm done finals so I can jam to this little gem all Summer!

Jer xo


Weekend Love

This is what we live for.

Its been a busy week as you can tell with the lack of posting. Exams have started but more importantly the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs have begun!

This weekend is all about Vancouver love with playoff games {cheering on our boys in blue!} and not to forget the 2012 Vancouver Sun Run!

We are all Canucks!
{side note: here's a fun game to play, if you're ever in the presence of our male blogger, Jere, get him to name 3 Vancouver Canucks - guaranteed laugh}

One last thing! 
A very happy birthday to the beautiful Bianca! Cannot wait to celebrate this weekend!

Happy Weekend.
Kat, xo


Men's Monday


Anita, Kathryn, and I attended the unveiling of the 2012 Spring/Summer collection of OAK + FORT in Gastown and had a blast! Organized and planned by the incomprable Little Fashionisto himself, the night had everything to satisfy each and everyone one of the senses including delicious vanilla cupcakes paired with lovely wines, melodic tunes of a  Harpist nestled by the storefront window, and of course we can't forget the visuals of the beautiful garments consisting of lovely laces and soft sheers in lovely pale pinks, creams& warm greys that fluttered as we walked passed.
We couldn't help ourselves (especially at such great and afforadable prices) and we all walked out with clothes and accessories that we can't wait to show off!

                                 Shopping can take a lot of energy;
                                                                                  a cupcake break was necessary.

Thank you to the wonderful LilFashionisto for the wonderful evening and for such an AMAZING job. I don't think anyone could have looked as stylin' while doing so!

P.S. Don't forget my lace bowtie ;)

"You know I’ll be there for ya
You know I’ll try
And when I am drifting from your love babe

You’ll be my inward tide"

                                                 -Green River Ordinance

Jer xo