High and Wide

Outfit Lovin'... <3 
Last week was a tough week. I was sick, and spent most of my time curled up on the couch sleeping like a cat for 16 hours a day. So blogging was kinda put on the back burner.
But I'm back to my usual "busy bee" self!! After being sick for a few days, I couldn't wait to get dolled up, and put on something other then pajamas. 
I'm loving the gaucho pant style {I don't like that word... 'gaucho'} so I'll use wide leg, coloured, high-rise pants. They're bold, playful, and classy!

Although, classic black is fabulous too!

Stay healthy.... and most important STAY CLASSY!

Anita, xo


Men's Monday

Sh*t non-fashionistos say:
                "Is that a Murse?"

Lately, I've been obsessed with "statement" pieces, every outfit needs at least one.

That one piece that  turns heads and is greeted with the silent stamp of approval from fellow passerbyers.
That one piece that envokes envy from others who wish they could be in your shoes and be enveloped by your confidence. Where am I going with this you ask?

I have noticed that during my most recent shopping trips downtown, bags have wedged their way to the forefront of my attention. From ogling the Tom Buckle Tote bag and Ernest Alexander messenger bag at Club Monaco, to fogging up the windows at Louis Vuitton on Burrard, or drooling over the Pendleton Patterned messenger bag at Urban Outfitters...*sigh*

...need I say more?

Only real men can pull off "bubble gum" pink

One day...

Jak&Jill//GQ//Tommy Ton
"BOOM Sha Clack Clack" - Zee Avi

Jer, xo


A Love Affair with Life

Waking up today to sunshine was amazing and reinvigorating, just the wake up call I've been needing.

Its been a busy week as you can tell with the serious lack of posting. I think we've all been a little stressed with our overwhelming schedules, so when we are blessed with amazingly wonderful, beautifully sunny, and breathtaking days like today we remember all the great things we have to appreciate.

To quote one of my beautiful friends, I am so in love with today.

My new to do list -  slow down, breathe, SMILE and LAUGH
As the girls and I so happily reminded each other this past weekend...
You only live once. YOLO!

Off to have a passionate love affair with life!

Kat, xo.


Men's Monday

2012 Senior Mens Bronze Medallist of Canada!
Sorry he couldn't get a post done for Men's Monday, he's been too busy winning medals :D

Kevin (silver), Patrick (gold), and Jeremy (bronze)

This year has been quite a roller coaster for Jer; just after having surgery on his right ankle to alleviate bone impingement, he had a freak fall and fractured his left fibula. 

Jeremy's passion and love for the sport has become even more evident after his injuries; watching him {as I'm sure many of you did} brought tears to my eyes because it was obvious that this wasn't about a medal, this wasn't about having a perfect performance, this was about a true love and joy for figure skating.

He is an inspiration to all of us; if you want it bad enough, if you put in the work, if you love what you do, you are truly unstoppable.

"Love moves the world"

Congratulations Jeremy, you deserve it.

Kat, xo.


Weekend Love

Its the weekend!{just thought I'd state the obvious} 
Cannot wait to spend some time with Anita and Bianca, although I saw them a couple days ago {and not to mention we chat nearly everyday} I feel like its been ages! 

Also wishing an amazing weekend to my  best friend in the entire world  who just so happens to be our mens blogger! Jer is competing this weekend at the Senior Canadian Figure Skating Championships in Moncton, New Brunswick {where..??}
If you know his story, you'll know just how amazing it is that he is here at this competition skating! 
Can't wait to cheer him on from back home!

Skate great Jer!

Watch him on TSN at 11am on Saturday and 12:30pm on Sunday this weekend. Find the schedule here.

Have a great weekend and stay warm!

Kat, xo.



Lately I've been experiencing a severe case of wanderlust.

The other day I was going through my favourite blogs and came across this video on Because I'm Addicted. Immediately I shared it with the girls - 
This is something we talk and talk {and talk} about over glasses of wine.

wan-der-lust [won/der/luhst] noun; [German literally, wander desire].
1. a strong, irresistible desire to wander; 
2. a strong desire to travel and to explore the world.

The wheels are in motion. Ideas are being formed. Mental plans are being made. 


Dreaming of paradise...

Kat, xo.


Wednesday I'm Wearing.

Brr.. it's cold outside. I'd be lying if I said I didn't like this weather. I'll take it over the rain any day! Yes, our city's transit, and drivers don't handle the conditions very well, and waiting for the skytrain this morning was very painful, and not very enjoyable. BUT I love how it seems so much quieter, and still. Secretly I hope we get a huge dump of snow... like Montreal style! {fingers crossed}  

This weather makes me want to wear blue, and grey colours... shocker!

//boots from hunter//socks, skirt, shirt, belt from club monaco//jacket from betsey johnson//hat from aritzia//

Stay warm!

Anita, xo


Tasty Tuesday... Cupcakes.

If someone told you, you weren't allowed to eat pastries EVER again, and as your last enjoyment you could have any food in the world you wanted. What you would you pick?

For me it's easy... it would be...


They're perfect little morsels of cakey gorgeousness, that melt in your mouth. They say you eat with your eyes first, and just looking at cupcakes makes my mouth water. 

Personally I'm a vanilla girl.

How could you not love cupcakes?

Happy cupcake eating!

Anita, xo


Men's Monday

Burberry Prorsum 2011

The Biker Jacket

Since getting 'Guns N Roses' tattooed across my chest isn't the most practical way to shed the boy next door look, the biker jacket will have to do. We all have a rebellious side and when you're sick of "toeing the line" and want to add a little more kick to your outer persona; nothing says confident, strong, & looking for trouble like this classic piece.

P.S. Motorcycle not included.

The bad boy almost always gets the girl.

Photo Cred: Gordon Von Steiner


Good try Channing
but no one pulls off the biker jacket better than
Adam Levine.
Just bein' real.

Burberry Prorsum 2011

DSquared Spring/Summer 2011

"These times are hard, but they will pass"

I don't know why this band is so underrated. They're amazing and this video is so inspiring. Enjoy!

Jer, xo