If I Were A Boy

Kat here!
Vancouver Men's Fashion Weekend is this Friday & Saturday {don't worry, we have a surprise coming for you!}

So, obviously my inspiration for this post is menswear

The inspiration:

(is there anything better than wearing your boyfriend's clothes?)
... luckily for us {who don't have boyfriends} we don't need them to borrow blazers and dress shirts from!

How we do it {way better}:

I'd love to see a guy pull off an electric pink blazer!

 Where is the Cool?// weheartit// suitupordie// pinterest//

Bring it on boys,

Kat, xo.


My Inspiration

Lately I've been feeling like I'm in a bit of rut... schools back in full swing therefore my social life drops of the face of the planet, the weather is back to its classic Vancouver ways (rain, rain and more rain oh and some wind), so I've been looking for a little inspiration to lift my spirits here's what is brighten my day..... 

  a little green wall art at Semiahmoo Library in Surrey...

Nothing could be better then a big purple rock cuff

These shoes

My behind would really like this chair

Something something tart

Colourful driving 

sparkle a little pixie in your fall J.Crew apparel..love love love

This gets me every time

Might need some of these boots

and the different textures in this room...
image via you are he river

Find your inspiration,

Nita, xo


Baby, it's cold outside

Well actually, it's freezing.

Kat here!
Its time for me all you people still hanging onto your gladiator sandals, rompers, and short shorts {guilty as charged} to pack them away.

My favourites for fall//


 Beanies and toques
{to avoid this...}

Jackets of all kinds

Cozy sweaters

Extra warm fuzzies...

Thick socks for late study nights

Someone to keep you warm...

A delicious mug of coffee {or wine if you're feeling adventurous} 

And a warm blessing...

To all that you heart might desire,
Happy Fall.

Kat, xo


Kate Bosworth for Vanessa Bruno!

Lovin' Kate Bosworth for Vanessa Bruno! If you're familiar with Vanessa Bruno's work not only are her clothes gorgeous, but her short films have a style that is very specific to her, and usually have a dark, "misty" feeling. She's always thinking out of the box to get you thinking and questioning what you see. Oh.... and the music is fantastic too! The latest Vanessa Bruno video is so creative and.... a little creepy but
beautiful at the same time. 

images via Vogue

Check out the video-------> Vanessa Bruno!!

Nita, xo