Men's Monday

Dance + Fashion + Music

I came across this somewhat old Levi's commercial the other day and I absolutely fell in love with the concept. Merging ballet with stunning music to promote fashion is like a symphony of my favourite things.

Movement in its most  purest form, a vivid backdrop, and a graceful yet dynamic melody.

Nothing over the top.
I would be more inclined to watch commercials if they were all like this.

Literally just came across this and thought I would share:

Dance Like No One is Watching.


Something upbeat for a change.
LOVE this remix...

Jer xo


Men's Monday

The 'Quay' to a great Summer...

With July officially over, we are (unfortunately) 1/2 way through the Summer which means we only have a month left to fit in all our favourite Summer activities and destinations before September hits.
One location that must NOT be overlooked is the Westminister Quay.

Markets with the freshest produce, wonderful boutiques loaded with great gift ideas, and of course endless cafes and restaurants; there's just so much to see and do!

Take a gander through Tiny Finery's gallery of trinkets and accessories, sip on 1 of over 150 teas from The Great Wall Tea Co. (I recommended anything with mango in it...of course), enjoy a delicious Crispy Chicken from Wally's Burger, and take in that beautiful view by the water.
You're welcome.

Over 150 tins, each containing a different type of tea, makes up the spectacular backdrop at this little but large teashop! #Amazing

 Oh, and don't forget the dog!

"But the modern drift is all I have.
It's all I have."


Jer xo


Taking On The World In Style

It was the first official training of the season when our coach at the time announced that trampoline would make its debut in four years at the 2000 Olympics. I remember feeling so inspired, and hoping maybe one day I would get to represent my country at the Games... well I haven't quite got there yet, but I am so proud to know that I am part of a nation wide community that makes up one the strongest countries in trampoline gymnastics in the world.

Yes, trampoline and fashion do not really go "hand in hand," but in my view they do. Women in athletics are the most inspiring people both in sport and everyday life. Karen Cockburn and Rosie MacLennan are two of many Canadian women who are healthy, fit, and stylish.  They may spend 90% of their day in runners, Lululemons and sweaty ponytails, but underneath the sweat and spandex is two women with chic style! With their chiseled arms, washboard abs, and rock solid legs {this is very true, I once touched Karen's quad, it was just muscle and skin), these ladies could make a paper bag look good! Karen and Rosie are Canada's top trampoline athletes, and will be taking on the world this Saturday in the best outfit I can think of... red, white and a whole of spandex! 

Karen in a photo shoot for the Globe and Mail

Rosie rocking out on her banner! Can you say, "rockstar!" 

Jason Burnett will compete first for Canada tomorrow at 6AM Pacific Time.

Good luck to Jason, Karen, and Rosie the country, and trampoline community will be cheering loud and proud for you! Go get'em!

Anita, xo


Wednesday I'm Wearing.

Enjoy the sunshine Vancouver...

Raspberry caramel latte at Cafe Medina, soo good!

//sandals from h&m//skirt and tank from club monaco//vest and ring from bcbg//necklace from beautymark//watch from michael kors//clutch vintage//

Photo cred to Kat!

Anita, xo