Off To The Art Gallery.. (but not without my red pants!)

Just as I was about to leave to go sit in the Vancouver Art Gallery for countless hours working on a school assignment (sounds tough I know), my new red J Brand jeans I won at the Bubble Bean Boutique Tweet Up last week arrived... so I had to wear them!

Love! Love! Love them! They're super comfy, and stretchy (as you can see above), and the colour is bold, and eye catching! Perfect pants for a beautiful day! Thank you Bubble Bean Boutique!

//shoes from nine west//jeans gifted j brand from bubble bean boutique!//blazer from guess//shirt from club monaco//bag from prada//watch from michael kors//broach vintage//earrings from cadeux//ring bcbg//

See our previous post on red pants here!


Anita, xo


A night of Angels

Kat here!

The night we've ALL been waiting for has arrived {boys we know you love it just as much, if not more}! The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is finally being aired tonight [7PM Vancouver time!!]

 I don't know about you but this is something I look forward to every year!

Your favourite angels, yep you got it - Miranda {recent mother...are you kidding me!}, Alessandra, Adriana, Rosie, Chanel, Candice {the list literally goes on, I love them all} will be killing it on the runway in their highest heels, wearing everything from tutus to 2.5 million dollar bras {tough life...}

Throw in the musical stylings of Maroon 5 {I guess it doesn't hurt that he's dating an angel}, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, and Jay Z, these girls will be moving like Jagger {haha} all night!

I'm gonna be honest with you right now and tell you secretly that one of my goals in life is to get my angel wings and walk in the VS Fashion Show {a lofty goal, yes I know, but a girl can dream!}

This isn't your typical "fashion show"; it is artistic, theatrical, entertaining, magical... simply amazing! The outfits these girls strut down the runway are, in my opinion, pieces of artwork.

Another great thing about this show is the models aren't your typical wafer-thin sticks! These girls have amazing, healthy bodies and as such are an inspiration to females all over the world!

The always amazing Alessandra

Miranda! Gorgeous!

Enjoy the show!

Kat, xo.



Heart of a LION

Kat here!

As you all know {unless you've been living in a hole this past week} the Grey Cup is here! In Vancouver!

The city has been absolutely buzzing; the feelings and energy are reminiscent to the days of the Olympics and the Stanley Cup Finals!

The great thing about the Grey Cup is that the host city is predetermined before the teams playing in it are - so we're getting fans from all over the CFL filling the streets of Vancouver.

Grey Cup celebrations have been happening all week, topped up with the Grey Cup Parade yesterday, and the game today.
Our very own BC Lions led by Travis Lulay and Geroy Simon will be fighting for the 99th Grey Cup, the last time they won the championship was in 1996.

So many wrote off our boys early on in their season with a 0-5 start; well they've bounced back and with the Western Division title and an 11-7 record, they're more than ready to face the Winnipeg Blue Bombers today.

The game starts at 3:00PM but if you're planning on catching it at a sports bar or lounge, or a restaurant {or anywhere in Vancouver for that matter} GET THERE EARLY!!!!

I for one cannot wait to watch this game and see the Lions give this city something to celebrate!!!!!

Lion Pride


Kat, xo.

Globe and Mail//National Post//The Province//Lion's Den


Bye Bye Gray Days! (or at least for today)

The last few days have been so grey and dull, I haven't felt like doing much, and getting out of bed has been a huge struggle (I'm sure many can agree). Today when I woke up the sun was streaming through my window, and I had no problem jumping out of bed to start my day! I love this time of year, the air is crisp and fresh, and there are leaves everywhere! 

//booties from zara//jeans from club monaco//poncho from ralph lauren//hat from h&m//gloves from danier leather//earrings from aldo//

Happy Friday!

Anita, xo


On the bubble

Last night Bubble Bean Boutique  teamed up with Charmine Lau and the Simon Fraser University Social Media group to host a little tweet up party at 1181 on Davie St.

Bubble Bean is an online boutique that carries a range of clothing and accessories from one of a kind and vintage items to amazing brands including J Brand, Cheap Monday, and For Love and Lemons! Their aim is to bring great brands to online shoppers without the crazy costs of shipping fees!

Bubble Bean Boutique model Polly looking stunning in this For Love and Lemons Scarlet dress

It was a great event; good music, good drinks, awesome people = tons of fun! There was even a scavenger hunt and jellybeans {does it get any better..?}

Us three had a chance to sit down with the ever-so-wonderful M'c kenneth Licon a.k.a
Little Fashionisto a.k.a. one of Vancouver's leading fashion blogger, and his amazing and fabulous friend {and bashful fashion designer} McKelly!

Weighing in at 85 pounds and a mere 5 feet tall, Little Fashionisto may be pocket sized but he has a gigantic personality - hilarious, engaging, humble, BUBBLY {and extremely fashionable of course}

We had a great time chatting about everything from his addiction to candy to his favourite runway walks 
{yes, we even got a sneak peek at the runway walks, and he puts 6 feet tall models to shame! TO SHAME!}

Thank you to the wonderful Charmine and Maggie from Bubble Bean for bringing together so many fantastic people and hosting such a great event!

We had a great time and cannot wait to see you all again soon!

Shop till you drop on Bubble Bean online here. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter too!
Fall in love with Little Fashionisto here. Tweet him here.

Stay tuned for more fun stuff coming your way!



From Jeremy with love

The weather outside is frightful!
....but the clothes are sooo delightful!

Jer here!

Living in the North Pole Vancouver during the Winter months aint easy {and we’re only midway through November!

When the cold starts to creep in and the trees begin to shed their leaves, we know it’s time to bring our cashmere sweaters, scarves, and pea coats out of hibernation.

Here's what I'm wearing {and loving} this fall/winter to battle the relentless cold....

Sweaters and cardigans for layering 

Loving shawl necklines + rusty reds and burgundy palettes

Jack[ets] of all trades

In my closet you'll find an everyday casual Mackage bomber and a dressy chic slim-fitting “moto” trench from Zara

                     Little extras...
Classic MUST HAVES in any fashionisto's closet!

White V's and skinny jeans 
                                                Murray Mitchell

 [Ed. note: Don't you think Jer would look fantastic in a beanie?! 
I'm trying to persuade him to rock it out!]

Circle scarves, wool scarves, cashmere scarvesscarves, scarves and more scarves! 

BOOTS! {Hunters for the rain of course...}
And let's not forget the newest addition to my wardrobe and latest obsession….

My genuine leather Steve Madden combat boots!

Stay toasty,

Jer, xo
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