Show your colors VANCOUVER!

Kat here! So it's the weekend and it is absolutely LOVELY outside. There is just so much happening in Vancity this weekend isn't LONG enough... haha... get it? (Lame, I know, work with me here)

First of all, HAPPY PRIDE week VANCOUVER!
In the words of my best friend in the world who will happily be celebrating this weekend:
"Live proud. Be Yourself. Be Fierce. Spread Love."

I encourage everyone to BE PROUD this weekend and get out to one pride event - whether its the parade on Sunday, one of the million events happening down by Davie St., or even just sporting a rainbow - show your colors Vancouver!

Secondly, who is hitting up the beach?? The sunshine is out in full force this weekend, and with the annual Celebration of Light fireworks show (tonight, Wednesday, and next Saturday night at 10PM) the beaches are going to be sardine packed. That being said, you might be able to catch me down at Kits beach at some point this weekend.

(P.S. good spots - English Bay, Kits Beach, Spanish Banks, and Lonsdale Quay, get there early early early if you're looking for a good comfortable spot)

Don't forget your sunnies!

Enjoy the weekend everyone, I'm off to meet B to go head over to the Whitecaps game VS the wonderful David Beckham's team the LA Galaxy - unfortunately, the superstar did not travel to Vancity for this game. It's a perfect, amazing, sunshine-y day to spend at Empire Field... sort of makes up for lack of David Beckham... (I said sort of...)

Viva la vida!

Kat, B, & Nita, xo

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