How to Keep Cool?... (Sadly Not Needed)

Since it's July 27th I should be posting about how hot it is, and giving you advice on how to stay cool in this nasty hot weather by drinking lots of water, and wearing cute cropped shirts to keep your mid-drift cool..... but for those of you how live here in Vancouver, clearly a "how to keep cool" post is not needed! Even though the weather has been gross disgusting, I'm trying really hard to still wear my summer wardrobe (yes at times I've been freezing,  but I don't care it's "summer") which does include cute cropped tops!

Club Monaco $81.72

Guess $39

Forever 21 $17.80
Fingers crossed August will have more potential. On the bright side... at least it's not raining! (Or least not right now) Enjoy your day!

Kat, B, & Nita, xo

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