Primary Colours


Whenever I get a new hair cut it makes me step back and think about my personal style, and how I wear my clothes. Getting ready in the morning is a production.

I try on everything I own {almost everything} and stand in front of the mirror asking the same questions over and over.... do my clothes fit my hair cut? Too edgy? Not edgy enough? Do I look like a twelve year old?.. the list goes on.

At first I loved my new bangs, my cousin Emma did an amazing job, but me and my lack of hairdressing skill could not replicate her styling and quickly regretted my blunt bangs. But after a day or so I'm starting to dig them... my mom says they make me look younger.... hmmmmm....is that good or bad I wonder? Oh well, I'll rock them for now!

//shoes and watch from michael kors//jeans from genetic denim//belt from nine west//bag and shirt from joe fresh//blazer from bcbg//earrings from aldo//sunnies vintage ray bans//

Anita, xo

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  1. I think it's great to change up hair, makes different outfits possible, opens a door to be daring, good for you!