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(This Shit) Cray Kitchen + Bar

A couple of weeks ago I was invited by a very good friend of mine to a tasting at a new restaurant opening up in Vancouver. With free food at stake, I happily obliged without any hesitation. Little did I know I was in for a big treat.
We warmed up our tummies with a chicken and sausage gumbo followed by seasoned cajun fries as our appetizers.The next dish was a basket of delicious cod nuggets which were the perfect amount of crispy on the outside and tenderness and juicy on the inside. My mouth is salivating all over again...

Then came the feast: 2 pounds of crawfish, 2 pounds of shrimp,  and 1 pound of clam accompanied with seasoned potatoes and corn. I've never had crawfish before and that in itself was a fun experience. Although there were endless amounts of shellfish covering the surface of our table, the stand out for me was the seasoned corn on the cob. I just could not get enough!!! ...and yes, I did ask for seconds.

Located on one of Vancouver's busiest streets, Cray Kitchen + Bar is the perfect location to catch the game on any one of their plasma screen TVs, catch up with friendss, or grab a drink; all while chowing down on some good ol' Louisiana style home cooking (and probably laughing at each other while doing it...it's a messy job). The decor which includes starfish and shells strewn across a bed of netting along the walls, some clever signage, brick, and vaulted ceilings framed with old wood gives it a warm beachy feel.
But be warned when choosing your spices for the XXX hot sauce is not one to fool around with but if you're up for a spicy challenge, dig in!
Doors opened on June 20th so if you're looking for a fun, new, modern and delicious place to eat, Cray Kitchen + Bar is definitely one to give a shot! So check it out and...

                                                                 "Get Cray!"




This played at a club I went to the other night in Toronto 
and I almost lost all control of my senses as a 
shriek of excitement escaped my lungs and my body went into a 
full fledged flailing spasm of what I think was some for of dancing.
R.I.P Whitney <3

Jer, xo

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