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EAT! (your heart out) VANCOUVER

This past weekend we attended the tenth annual EAT!Vancouver festival at B.C. Place Stadium and aside from adding a LOT couple of inches to our waist span, we had the opportunity to learn a lot about some of the local foods produced close to home while treating our taste buds to a party a long the way!
If learning was this delicious, maybe I wouldn't procrastinate so much. Professors, take note. 

 Once I got my media pass, there was NOTHING holding me back
from all the calories I was about to ingest. 

 Watching the Western Canadian Regional Barista Championships.
Yea, I didn't know this existed either... 

An example of some of the products made and offered here in B.C.
The basil pesto vinaigrette was to die for!

1 of the MANY salmon exhibits offered at the festival. What did you you expect?
P.S. If you've never had maple syrup marinated candy salmon, you might as well be dead.

Five stages were set up around the stadium for tastings and seminars. Depending on your interests, you could be sampling from dozens of different cheeses or learning about international cooking from world renowned chefs; or even listening to Vancouver's own Iron Chef Rob Feenie give a seminar at the Foot Network Celebrity stage.

Which seminar did we attend?
The wine tasting seminar of course...followed by the beer & food pairing seminar right after...
Nothing like a little afternoon buzz to get the day rolling in the right direction. #Guilty

See you next year!

 "I have seen all i need to roam free, within these streets.
Climbing up walls that are never too tall, feeds my soul."
                                      -Greg Holden

Jer xo

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