Men's Monday

The 'Quay' to a great Summer...

With July officially over, we are (unfortunately) 1/2 way through the Summer which means we only have a month left to fit in all our favourite Summer activities and destinations before September hits.
One location that must NOT be overlooked is the Westminister Quay.

Markets with the freshest produce, wonderful boutiques loaded with great gift ideas, and of course endless cafes and restaurants; there's just so much to see and do!

Take a gander through Tiny Finery's gallery of trinkets and accessories, sip on 1 of over 150 teas from The Great Wall Tea Co. (I recommended anything with mango in it...of course), enjoy a delicious Crispy Chicken from Wally's Burger, and take in that beautiful view by the water.
You're welcome.

Over 150 tins, each containing a different type of tea, makes up the spectacular backdrop at this little but large teashop! #Amazing

 Oh, and don't forget the dog!

"But the modern drift is all I have.
It's all I have."


Jer xo


  1. Check out Vancouver Circus School upstairs at the key... its super cool!

  2. I passed by it but unfortunately no one was practicing at the time! It looked so neat though! All I wanted to do was jump on the apparatus' and be a monkey!

    Jer xo