My "I want to do more of" list for 2012

I'm not usually a "New Years resolution" kinda girl. After reading Jeremy's Men's Monday post, I thought (and with Jeremy's encouragement) that I should make a few New Years Fashion resolutions. I agree with Jeremy about being more bold, and daring in my clothing choices, but when I started writing this post, it turned into a things "I want to do more of" list, rather then Fashion resolutions. So... here's what I came up with...

More coffee/hot chocolate dates with the ladies

Better posture (I tend to be a sloucher)

Having fresh cut flowers in my room..                                                     Wearing heels on a regular bases

Some of this... <3 <3

Be a little more dressy in my day to day outfits (even if it is just school)

Wear red lipstick more...

Eat more of these!! YUM YUM!!

And most of all... take time out of my crazy day to appreciate the simple things in life.

//images via http://allthingselegant.tumblr.com//

May your dreams, and wants come true this 2012!!

Anita, xo

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