The Polaroid Party

On Friday, January 13th Anita, Bianca, Jer and I will be volunteering at the first big party of the new year!

Oh you haven't heard? {have you been living under a rock..?} 

It's the POLAROID PARTY being thrown by Team Awesome {yes, they are exactly what you think... awesome!} and partnering with imagine1day, the Dalit Freedom Network of Canada, Exe Productions, and Social City Networking of course!

All the proceeds from this party will be put towards sending children in Ethiopia and India to school via the imagine1day and Dalit Freedom Network organizations.

What is this awesome party all about?? 

Take 20 amazing photographers, give them polaroid cameras - 
et voilà! 
You get hundreds of fantastic polaroid pictures.

Next, sell the photographs for charity at $10 a polaroid.

Then take 100% of the proceeds from both the photos and party ticket sales {at only $10 a pop for entry and a drink!} and put it towards charity.

Throw in a fun venue = CANVAS LOUNGE

Mix in beats from a couple of Vancouver's best DJs
{a close friend of mine}
The Freshest, DJ MARVEL 

And you get...

An awesome party, for an awesome cause = an awesome way to start off 2012.

images via Team Awesome.

Get your tickets here. Check out Team Awesome here. Become a volunteer here!

Be there or be square.

Kat, xo.

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