Men's Monday

Sh*t non-fashionistos say:
                "Is that a Murse?"

Lately, I've been obsessed with "statement" pieces, every outfit needs at least one.

That one piece that  turns heads and is greeted with the silent stamp of approval from fellow passerbyers.
That one piece that envokes envy from others who wish they could be in your shoes and be enveloped by your confidence. Where am I going with this you ask?

I have noticed that during my most recent shopping trips downtown, bags have wedged their way to the forefront of my attention. From ogling the Tom Buckle Tote bag and Ernest Alexander messenger bag at Club Monaco, to fogging up the windows at Louis Vuitton on Burrard, or drooling over the Pendleton Patterned messenger bag at Urban Outfitters...*sigh*

...need I say more?

Only real men can pull off "bubble gum" pink

One day...

Jak&Jill//GQ//Tommy Ton
"BOOM Sha Clack Clack" - Zee Avi

Jer, xo

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