Men's Monday

Let's Get It Started
-from Jer with love

Never would have thought that I would be writing the first blog post of 2012 but here I am getting the ball rollin'; who woulda thunk it? 
Welcome to Men's Monday, a weekly feature that will be written by, yep you guessed it, me!

Aside from basking further into life’s moments, making more time for friends, getting involved with as well as giving back to the community and charities, & doing more by doing less; one of my other resolutions for the New Year is to be more bold with my fashion choices.

I was looking through my closet the other day and noticed too many black, charcoals, and whites and not enough pastels and jewel tones.

Not to mention it seemed like every day in 2011 was a blue, black, or gray denim day.

Take one small step in the right direction; my first venture will be bottoms!
        -from khakis to tweed, rolling up to rolling down, different patterns and different cuts etc, etc, etc-

There are lots to cover in just a year’s time but the trend I loved and noticed most this in 2011 was colored pants/color blocking. Hm, which color should I start with?

     Photo cred: Ben Watts

Maybe the only time I've ever seen brown and purple go hand in hand. 
Photo cred:
Tommy Ton 

White isn't a color, it's a risk...and I like it.
Photo Cred:

Paulo Kudacki

  D&G Fall 2011

  My 2012 mantra. 
No matter how I feel, what the weather looks like, or what obstacles I may be dealing with; when I wake up in the morning, this is what I'll be thinking:
  "It's looking like a beautiful day"
Wishing you and your loved ones nothing but the best in 2012!

Jer, xo

P.S. -
Today's the start of a new week so don't forget to check out sevenly.org to learn about a new charity and how you can help! Don't know what "Sevenly" is? Check out my last blog post here to learn more :)

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