Men's Monday

If you're like me & you're in the middle of finals, you must be stressing out just as bad as I am...yet here I am writing a blog post at 2:50 in the AM. #PoorLifeChoice #IHateStatistics

Lets cut to the chase.
Varsity Jackets....Just like in the movies, girlfriends love it when they wrap themselves in their boyfriend's oversized varsity jacket.
So what am I saying? Well if A can somehow = B and 21 is the amount of weight I'm going to gain by the end of this semester...
GET A VARSITY JACKET! Not only are they masculine and super stylin', but they make a great spring/summer jacket to pair with your favorite shorts.

David's like "Well, what are you waiting for?"

And for your entertainment:
What I think I look like studying for my finals: 

  What I actually look like: 

"Feel the melody and the rhythm of the music
Around you"
-(Cover)Corey Gray & Max Schneider
Can't wait til I'm done finals so I can jam to this little gem all Summer!

Jer xo

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