Come On Leaves Start Falling!

Ok... So I know everyone is loving this sunshine... but I'm sorry... SUMMER IS OVER! It's time to move on to fall!!! The reason for my snappiness is because of this....

Yes, the fall vignette from Holt Renfrew is a few years old now (2 or 3), but every fall I watch it over and over, and the combination of Passion Pit, lots of beautiful fall clothes, and Coco and Behati running around playing dress up, get me jealous and wishing I could live their hotel clothing party too. I want cooler weather so I can rock out my beloved trenches, ankle booties, and layered knits... come on leaves start falling!

Oh and guess what's back at Starbucks??? PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES & SCONES!!!.... Other then the sun being a little too hot for this time of year, and the leaves not falling yet, I'm a happy girl!

Enjoy your lattes and scones!!

Kat, B, & Nita,xo

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