from Jeremy, with love

Kat here!
So one of my best friends Jeremy has absolutely fallen in love with our blog {can you blame him? haha}. It just so happens that he is one of THE most fashionable people I know and my favourite person to run around Vancouver with...

It was an obvious choice to pick him to do a guest blog post; here's a wrap up of his summer faves...

Me on a beach in Australia
Through the Sands of Time

Ever sit on the beach and just let the sand run through your fingers like time? 
This summer, like every summer it seems, has just flown by (didn't help that I spent half of it in an air cast, my hottest summer accessory)! 

I’ve come to the realization through some life altering events that life is short and you only get one shot at it so pour moi, this summer has been all about experimenting and change.

Some changes may be temporary (like new hairstyles and friends moving for school), others more permanent (my tattoo and my expanding wardrobe), while other changes are just beginning to take shape thus leading me to
new beginnings.

My favourite things of the summer...


If you’re into the less demanding pace of downtown Vancouver, Gastown offers a hideaway from the hustle and bustle with its signature brick roads which are lined with some of Vancouver’s hottest boutiques; a must see for all of Vancouver’s fiercest fashionistas. 

The Charles Bar

But don’t be fooled by the calm tranquility of daytime because when night falls, the party starts.

Located at 209 Abbott Street in Gastown, this shop not only carries a wonderful array of clothing lines from independent designers but also an assortment of neat finds ranging from accessories such as bracelets, tote bags, and even pillow cases to natural soy scented candles (take a whiff of the “Merlot”, it’s orgasmic). 

Also, don’t forget to say Hi to their shop resident bulldog Lily who always looks dapper in any one of her knitted sweaters. 

Purchase//“Laguna Beach Red” chambray shorts by

What more can I say? Chambray is like the fabric of time and has yet to become just another “fad” after all these years and therefore, it is a MUST have in every closet.
Found these at Nouvelle Nouvelle and they were the very last pair...*whew*

Love pairing these with my vintage Mickey Mouse shirt from H&M and my TOMs.

Summer mantras//to INSPIRE and MOTIVATE

images via Saying Images

Song//The Irrepressibles - In This Shirt

Until next post =)

from Jeremy, with love.

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