"But if I had a lot of imagination I could tell myself whatever I wanted. You know."- Karl Lagerfeld for Orrefore Glassware.

... Call me dork but I love looking at glassware. There's something about a beautiful glass vase, full of colourful flowers to make a room feel super girly and warm! I especially love Orrefore glassware! To make things even better Karl Lagerfeld recently did a collection of drinking glasses them. A combination of black, white,  and clear, tall, square fluted and tumbler glasses that are simple and elegant, and when all placed together look like a piece of art. Just looking at the collection makes you want to say "that's so Karl!" What could be more classy than sitting with your girlfriends having a glass of champagne in fluted Karl Lagerfeld glass on a saturday night? Mine are in the mail!

“The way they work, it’s still blown, not machine work. It’s not like cheap perfume bottles.”

“The white glass is like a free standing geometrical cloud. And I wanted very geometrical shapes for all the glasses and not at all fussy. I think it is perfect like this.”

“I don’t understand why glasses had never before what cups have had hundreds of years”

“What I enjoy most is doing something I’ve never done before.”

images via Orrefore 

Keep it classy ladies...
Kat, B, & Nita,xo

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