Wednesday I'm Wearing....

"Let's go sit on the steps of the MET, I mean VAG."

The last few weeks leading up to the Canadian National Trampoline Championships I've been horrible at keeping up with my regular blog posting... {thank goodness for Kat and Jer!} But... now that Nationals are over and I have {a little} bit of down time before training kicks up again, I'm back!

Kat and I caught up for lunch at Cafe Medina for a milk chocolate lavender mocha, and a salted caramel Belgium waffle {ok... maybe not lunch but a snack}, but it's a MUST TRY! Cafe Medina is awesome! After, we went and satisfied our "inner New York" love for the MET, and relaxed on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery with a Jugo Juice. These steps are quickly becoming our favourite hang out.

Photo Credit to Kat.. you're the best!

//sneakers from converse//skirt from zara//tank top from club monaco//leather jacket from zara//belt from h&m//bag from prada//earrings from aldo//watches from michael kors, & bulova//bracelets from marc jacobs//

Go check out the amazing collection of Matisse, and modern painters on this summer at the VAG!

Anita, xo

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