Men's Monday


Gay, straight, bi, thai....admit it, we ALL have a man crushes.
It's completely normal to see someone walking down the street or in the media and to think 'Man, that guy is toned' or 'Man, that guy's hair is slick' or even 'Man, that guy is rocking that purse...' Ok maybe not the latter thought but you get the drift.
Jealousy, although ugly, is a normal thing.
So who in the industry am I currently man crushin' on?

River Viiperi

Currently one the most sought after male models in the industry,
River has modeled for American Eagle, Nike, H&M's Versace line and most recently, Armani Exchange.
He's walked numerous runways as well as appeared in and graced the covers of many fashion magazines.
It really shouldn't come as a big surprise when I admit that yea, I'm just a little jealous.

Sometimes, life just isn't fair.

I can't believe it's already MAY!!! 
It was such a beautiful day today and it reminded my that...
I couldn't have found a more appropriate song!

"The Summer is coming!
We all should stand clear of the heat and high water.
You don't see -but you hear."

                                                              -Matt Pond PA

Jer, xo

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