Colour Me 2012

The colours you wear play a huge role in not only expressing your personal style, but also in your mood. Using pops of colour in your outfits will add a boast to your day! As we get ready to say "adios" to 2011, the year of "honeysuckle," along with coral rose, peapod, beeswax, silver peony, russet, regatta, lavender, silver cloud, and blue curacao.

                                        Marc Jacobs                                               Nina Ricci

Get ready for 2012, the Year of Tangerine Tango.

Betty Jackson


Elie Saab

Other colours of 2012... Solar power, belleflower, cabaret, sodalite soda, margarita, sweet lilac, driftwood, starfish, and cockatoo

Have some fun with colour this new year!!

Anita, xo

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