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Krista and Sara McKenna! - Social City Networking

Yesterday FVWLxo had the privilege of being introduced to {by the wonderful SCN intern Caela!} the two wonderful ladies behind Social City Networking...
Sara and Krista McKenna!!
(Photo credit: Dan Poh)

Social City Networking is a community inspired company that provides social networking experiences, event planning services, marketing, promotions, and advertising for all types of interests and needs.

Krista and Sara are two spunky and unique individuals full of love and life - they have devoted the past year to their company and one thing is clear, for them it isn't work

The two twin sisters developed their idea with a passion and love for community as their base on which to build a platform for social networking. Their positivity and determination to make a difference in our community is beyond inspiring and motivating.

From red carpets to farmer markets, Social City Networking strives to bring together like-minded individuals by creating and providing social interactions throughout the city of Vancouver, essentially expanding personal and professional networks through providing up to date information about interesting events, causes, organizations, and businesses in our city!

Krista and Sara out and about! (Photo credit: Lindsey Henwood)

Current projects of SCN include the Get Warm Project {previously blogged here} and Team Awesome which is a collection of organizations, businesses, and communities within Vancouver working to establish a connection between the larger community and new networks of people to send children to school in Ethiopia and India {look for a collabo with Team Awesome and FVWLxo soon!}

Sounds pretty awesome doesn't it?

What sets Krista, Sara, and Social City Networking apart from the crowd is that everything is community driven - all projects are community inspired, these ladies are all about giving back and inspiring others to do so! Not only that, Social City Networking donates 5% of entire company earnings to different charities that have aligned with SCN's morals and values {yeah, we were blown away too!}

 Fun Fact: Krista and Sara are twins and have a combined total of 37 tattoos! (Photo credit: Team Awesome)

Yes, these two are as fun and bubbly as they look.
Call them up for all things social in {Van}city!

Tweet Krista {@kmckennaSC} and Sara {@smckennaSC} and Caela {@cregaladoSC}
Find Social City Networking on Facebook and Twitter {@socialcitynetwo}!

Get Warm here.
Check out more about Team Awesome here.


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