Spread Holiday Cheer with Local Gear!

All year I think about Christmas... This is my very HANDS DOWN favourite time of year! I can be laying on the beach in English Bay in the middle of a heat wave, thinking about how I can't wait for Christmas. (You get the picture)

Year-round I'm always thinking of things that I might put on "my list" or buy for friends and family, but it never fails as soon as December hits... I completely forget everything I had in mind (figures). So back to the drawing board! This year I thought I would take a different approach to my Christmas shopping and gift giving, and support local Vancouver designers. This city is full of amazing talent, so why not support our very own community of talented people!

Vancouver jewelry designer Justine Brooks makes beautiful, nature inspired pieces that I'm in love with. Especially this Maple Seed necklace (it's on "my list")

Come winter scarves are a staple in my outfit choices, and a MUST have in any Vancouverites closet has to be a Kove scarf. 

One word- amazing.

Jason Matlo is an amazing Vancouver designer that I could not leave off my list... 

Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) inspired women of all ages to class their outfits up with a string of pearls

So... House of Bun will help with that!

Don't forget to check out some of the great local boutiques, and vintage shops around town.. Here are some of my favs!
                         Rubi and Kino                                                                                                
                                     F as in Frank                            
                                                Barefoot Contessa
                                                                     Oak + Fort
                                                                              Nouvelle Nouvelle   
                                                                                                 Lynn Steven

(most of which I realize are in Gastown, I shop in that area a lot apparently)

Get out and check out what this fantastic city has to offer in the way of awesome gifts!! Not only are you supporting our local community of designers, you're cutting your "holiday carbon footprint" down too! BONUS!

Spread the cheer! 

Anita, xo


  1. Fingers crossed you have been good this year and you get the sycamore seed necklace! Thanks for including my necklace in your post!


  2. Your pieces are beautiful! Thanks for reading! All the best in the new year!