Here's to...

"A toast.

To nearest. To dearest.
To the crewTo cahoots.
To the ones who've been there. To the ones who'll be there.
To dropping everything. To saying anything.
To no judgements. To no doubts.
To loyalty. To trust.
To favors. To lifelongs.
To 'been too long'. To nothing's changed.
To having history. To having your back.
To moving away. To never too far.
To growing up. To settling down.
To your second family.
To friends.

To celebrating with those who matter most."

To dreaming bigger.

To more. 

To less is more.

To hard work.

Whatever your resolution {or anti-resolution!} I hope everyone spends the last bit of 2011 with amazing people, smiling, laughing, and celebrating! 
Wishing you light and love for 2012.

Happy New Year!

Kat, xo

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