Teacups, Cupcakes, and a whole lot of Love.

Look out Queen!
The Queen holds her famous garden party every year, but this she's got competition! For years I've wanted to have a tea party in my backyard, complete with little finger cucumber sandwiches, bite size cupcakes, and of course macarons, so this summer I said, "I'm doing it!" I found all the mish-mash china, and teacups I could find, a white table cloth, pastry tiers, tones of fresh flowers and we had a party!  Everyone looked stunning, dressed in bright colours, floral print, and lace.  I can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday then with friends and family.

Soirette Macarons.... perfect!.... A definite must try!! Their Creamy Earl Grey tea was the favourite tea of the afternoon.

A huge thank you to Lisa at Bella Rose for the beautiful and delicious cupcakes!

A huge thanks to Bianca and my sissy for all their help! And Kat for all her amazing photos! You girls mean the world to me!

Anita, xo 

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