Tina Tam

Recently, Kat and I had the wonderful opportunity to hang out with Tina Tam, owner and designer of Carnal Design, to speak with her about her new up and coming line Tina Tam.

Hidden within the Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver amidst the beautiful rustic brick buildings and quirky cafes and restaurants we found Tam answering the door to her small studio behind Adhesif Clothing Boutique (where you can find Tam originals).
Dressed in black leggings, a red smock dress, and black framed glasses, Tina Tam's effortless boho-indie style is apparent in not only her own personal style, but also present in her new Tina Tam line.

Tina {on the right} talking shop with Kat

A detail from Tina's "Tina Tam" line... loving the thick lace trim

After graduating from The Art Institute of Vancouver Tam says she finds herself constantly growing and maturing as a serious designer; her growth is evident in the development of her clothing from the black fetish leather, and studs of Carnal Design to a look combining both masculine and feminine elements with the clean, free flowing lines of her Tina Tam line. Her dresses from the Tina Tam line have a light, soft look that fit every body shape. Her use of patterns, how she mixes with solids, and her use of bold piping make the pieces fun and wearable for everyday (perfect summer dresses!)

Carnal line

Tam has found her voice as a designer, and definitely a Vancouver designer to keep your eye on. Her commitment to creating and designing is inspiring; working in a creative industry that is constantly changing Tina has learned quickly that she must continue to change and evolve as well.
Her best piece of advice (and we think this goes for many things!):
"Taking your time, planning it out, and doing it when you are ready is really important"
We really cannot wait to see more from Tam as she continues making splashes on the Vancouver fashion scene.
Check out more about Tina and her wonderful designs at www.carnal-design.com

kat & anita, xo.
A BIG thank you to Sandra Garcia @ Middle Child Marketing for setting up this awesome interview!

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  1. I love local designers, Tina's designs are fun, practical and love the colors! A real asset for Vancouver!