Summer Daze

It finally feels like summer is here in Vancouver! 

Yes, I'm back {don't you all go crazy now}
June was an incredibly busy and amazing and wonderful and eye opening and different month for me and I think I've finally snapped out of a daze and have got my summer organized. 
It is incredible how quickly you can grow in such a short period of time; I'm beginning to realize more and more about myself and its scary and exciting at the same time. I'll let you in on a little key that has become so important to me: 

attitude is everything.

This summer is the first one I have completely to myself {minus an online course that I've forgotten about already}. 
In addition to a June where I was away more than home {hello Vegas!}, my summer calendar is already full of weekend getaways and plans with great friends!

The best part is today was the first day that it actually felt like beautiful, gorgeous, hot, heated summer in Vancouver {check the forecast for the rest of the month, you will not be disappointed!} Cannot wait to laugh and sing and dance and watch the sun go down and watch the stars come out {preferably most likely with a cocktail in hand}

Shall we..?
tra-la-la-laaaa off to the beach I go!!

summer sound track:
m83//midnight city

Cannot wait to share my summer with you!

kat, xo.

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