Weekend Love

so. much. happy.

Hi everyone! TGI{finally}Friday! I don't know about you but for me this entire month of July has flown by. Not to mention there has yet to be a break in my schedule of bouncing around from my two jobs; however, as I have been reminding myself lately to keep my eyes on the prize, I have some new and exciting things to look forward to!

First things first, I have an incredibly busy weekend planned full of parties! Needless to say I am thrilled that I have almost all of next week off and will be heading to Penticton with Tyler for a long weekend getaway {hallelujah!}

Now, for the big news...
Starting next week I am beginning an editorial internship at Framework Magazine! {think less Devil Wears Prada and more Lauren Conrad from The Hills}. Framework Magazine is an incredible online publication full of everything stylish including fashion, home décor, entertaining, art, culture, and travel.  The monthly online magazine features how-to's, interviews, editorial spreads, and tips from industry experts such as Olivia Lovenmark of StyleStruck

I think anyone who knows me will agree when I say I can identify with the Framework Girl.  I was an avid reader of the magazine even before the internship and fell in love with it instantly when I first read the description of the Framework Girl:

{As seen in the June issue}
The Framework Girl...
...dreams big and with abandon
...explores her city in search of the perfect patio
...dons a sundress at every chance
...enjoys reading in the sunshine
...plans a weekend picnic with her best girls
...looks to the details to create her bigger picture

UMMMM yes. Sounds about right.

I am beyond thrilled to have founder and editor-in-chief of the magazine Bria Lear take me under her wing and teach me; not only am I excited to learn more about digital publishing, fashion, and social media, I am absolutely dying to be surrounded by inspiring individuals, to get to speak and learn from them will be such a treat!

Check out the amazing magazine I will soon be a part of: Framework Magazine
Follow my adventures of being an intern through my Twitter account: @kathryn_kang

Have an absolutely fabulous weekend!
kat, xo.

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