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Kat here!

As you all know {unless you've been living in a hole this past week} the Grey Cup is here! In Vancouver!

The city has been absolutely buzzing; the feelings and energy are reminiscent to the days of the Olympics and the Stanley Cup Finals!

The great thing about the Grey Cup is that the host city is predetermined before the teams playing in it are - so we're getting fans from all over the CFL filling the streets of Vancouver.

Grey Cup celebrations have been happening all week, topped up with the Grey Cup Parade yesterday, and the game today.
Our very own BC Lions led by Travis Lulay and Geroy Simon will be fighting for the 99th Grey Cup, the last time they won the championship was in 1996.

So many wrote off our boys early on in their season with a 0-5 start; well they've bounced back and with the Western Division title and an 11-7 record, they're more than ready to face the Winnipeg Blue Bombers today.

The game starts at 3:00PM but if you're planning on catching it at a sports bar or lounge, or a restaurant {or anywhere in Vancouver for that matter} GET THERE EARLY!!!!

I for one cannot wait to watch this game and see the Lions give this city something to celebrate!!!!!

Lion Pride


Kat, xo.

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