"Pretty" Organized

Just recently I did a huge over-haul of my closet, it was a disaster! As I was emptying it out I was finding articles of clothing I had bought a while ago that still had tags on them (love it when that happens)!  After pulling everything out and getting rid of things I no longer needed, I was stumped out how I wanted to reorganize it? I want to be able to see all my clothing, shoes, and accessories at first glance so I can put my outfits together more easily, but I'm kinda limited for space (thumbs down)....  So I've been looking for ideas.... and dreaming I had a closet like one of these... 

belle masion

How could I forget.... Carrie's closet from Sex and the City.

lovely clusters

Beautiful Abodes
some images via dream & dress

A girl can dream... *sigh. Enjoy your saturday!

Anita, xo

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