Let's Get Warm

Kat here!
I was recently introduced to an amazing community based project from my close friend {and extraordinary intern at Social City Networking} Caela!

the Get Warm Project

The Get Warm Project was founded by Shauna Beaudoin and the two lovely ladies behind Social City Networking, Krista McKenna and Sara McKenna.

The major initiative of the Get Warm Project is a community-wide blanket and goods drive that strives to ensure that the members of our city will be safe and warm this winter as it gets colder out {and boy has it ever}!

There are so many ways to get involved in this project - from hosting a donation box of your own, to spreading the word about helping others "get warm," or even dropping off a blanket or two at a donation location!

To learn more about the Get Warm Project and Social City Networking:

Get Warm on Twitter here and Facebook here
Find Social City Networking on Twitter here and Facebook here

Let's spread a little warmth around Vancity this winter season!

Kat, xo.

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