A little Keith Haring love...

Kat was saying this weekend I need to blog more about art, since I like love it so much (I am an art and culture major teehee). And since last week I was heart broken when I thought I lost my limited edition Keith Haring water bottle... but to my surprise I found it, I thought it would being fitting to share a little Keith Haring love! He's one of my favourite artists from the 80's! As a public (controversial) artist who liked to displays his images on the walls of the New York subway, his images are simple but full of colour, beat, and rhythm. After being diagnosed with AIDS in the late 80's, he became a huge advocate for AIDS awareness and funding through his Keith Haring Foundation. He passed away in 1990 at 31.

I have the water bottle on the left.

Enjoy your monday!  
images via Keith Haring

Anita, xo

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  1. Hi to Vancouver from Manchester,England. Love Haring's work too.