Warm fuzzies

Kat here!
Ok I'll admit it...
I've been a little a lot stressed out lately - as school and life in general start to speed up, naturally the laws of the universe dictate that my computer should crash, leaving me without everything.

Lesson learned - back up your files!!

Anyway, here is what is helping me deal with stress:

Showing my MacBook a little love I bought this
Marc by Marc Jacobs 13" Laptop Case {I was sold on the fuzzy furry interior!}

I've been drinking a whole lotta this
{side note: must have this nail colour}
{side side note: it is Christmas at Starbucks, if you don't know, now you know}

Finally found this little gem I've been seeing everywhere...
 {Hint: ZARA}

Living by these words of wisdom

P.S. Hey everyone....

To warm fuzzy feelings.

Kat, xo.

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